Real-world laboratory for Automated Bus operation in public transport in urban and rural areas

Project description

As part of the RABus project, a largely economical public transport system with electrified and automated vehicles will be established in Mannheim and Friedrichshafen by mid-2024. In order to achieve this, the vehicles should be able to "swim along" in regular traffic - at a speed of at least 40 km/h in urban areas and at least 60 km/h outside urban areas. The scientific community is also closely involved in the project through accompanying research into acceptance, economic efficiency and technical solutions.

The project goals

  • Testing of highly and fully automated vehicles in different types of areas and at acceptable speeds in real public transport operations, including public relations work
  • Presentation of automated and flexible mobility services
  • Evaluation of technical implementation, operational reliability and cost-effectiveness, user acceptance, legal issues and traffic effects
  • Assessment of state-wide transferability and development of recommendations for action for sustainable public transport in Baden-Württemberg